Welcome to the Nepali American Center


Nepali American Center (NAC) is a non-profit organization devoted to broadening the mutual understanding and appreciation among the Nepali diaspora and friends of Nepal. The purpose of NAC is to strengthen and expand our social, cultural and intellectual interactions and exchanges among the broader American society, primarily in the Chicago and the Midwest area. We are committed to preserving, sharing, and promoting Nepal, it’s culture, and heritage. We aspire to help and empower the members of the Nepali community to respond to their changing needs and those of the society. 



Currently, NAC offers many community related activities in the Chicago area including, but not limited to:
·  Organizing cultural events to celebrate major festivities and yearly community picnic
·  Interacting and supporting cross-cultural activities with other organizations
·  Conducting a spiritual program on the first Saturday of every month at a temple
·  Providing Nepali language classes to young students and ESL programs for adults whose primary language is Nepali 
·  Publishing a monthly newsletter
·  Providing counseling and other needed help to members of the Nepali community

Many nationalities in the Chicago area have a place or a center of their own, but we do not have one. Building a facility has been a dream of many and we believe it is time to act on those dreams and make them a reality. We need a place to display our culture, heritage and the beauty of Nepal.  We need a venue to carry out various activities and events that are beneficial and helpful to the entire Nepali American community. This place, this venue, will be our common home far away from home. Let us collectively help ourselves preserve, promote, share and teach our rich traditon in our new home.


We request everyone to join together and work towards achieving this goal.  We need your help!  Please visit the ‘Support Us’ page to find different ways you can contribute.
We will introduce more programs and services in the near future. We look forward to your participation and support.

Please email us at feedback@nepaliamericancenter.org with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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